God is not quiet.

GOD is not silent. GOD has never been and it is alarming to realise this that because we are not aware of a thing doesn't mean that said-thing doesn't exist.

Translation II

It came as raw as it was and it was that the only reason why man is weak to do as man knows and man is bleak in the things of hope by the power of self is because man is in dire need of a saviour.

How does Man despise GOD? 3

It’s only fair if we all have our court advantage. Man must meet GOD in the form of spirit just as GOD met man in the form of flesh.

How does Man despise GOD? 2

the perfect GOD created man in the image of perfection but perfection comes with its responsibility just as freedom comes with the laws to keep freedom in its ideal nature. If you broke the law, you lose your freedom, and if you neglect their responsibility that leads to perfection, you stop being perfect.

How Does a Man beg for Forgiveness?

Can sin(ners) be stopped? Or can they be healed by being loved?

The testimony of GOD

It's the very definition of faith to trust what you cannot see and to thrust all based on the godly perception that transcends sight and the works of sight.

Atheism in Christianity

To say that there is no GOD even when you worship GOD is to relegate GOD to the hitman position, the fixer who cleans up the mess that wouldn't be if you simply asked before doing.

GOD does not Fail

What is most marvellous is that for the clueless bondman of GOD's – who walks by the voice of GOD, in faith – sees that which is to come and the evidence of GOD's plan is made manifest at the very end.

Closet Sinner 3

As one who used to be a closet sinner, I'm well aware of the fretful flee from the stigma, the fear of being a disappointment, the rare disappointment of being fretful in the sight of the sin. Sin seeks to choke the human from the life of GOD but secret sin – the work of … Continue reading Closet Sinner 3