GOD’sBondMan: 42 [MIRROR]

I believe - in earnest faith - that GOD calls those who can stand the bane of transformation and are in themselves, willing without reservation or resentment, to be the very representation of the verdict of heaven.

GOD’sBondMan: 41 [COME FORTH]

Step out from the darkness and into the light. Come off the darkness - the thick clouds of uncertainty, the formless shadows of your creation and the question(s) of the unseen - and let there be light.


You are afraid because you would get better and uncannily, you do not want that. Why? Because the light burns your eyes, the sun boils your skin, the beach leaves you naked, the truth exposes you, the root upholds you from running out of the limelight. You understand good to be evil because it is evil-spoken of.


For GOD, did have faith in humanity - that it can be saved - and gave HIS Son, JESUS the CHRIST, who gave grace, and emptied the grave and it's things and forgave humanity.

GOD’sBondMan: 38 [OKAY]

Most times we wander away from where we should be, hoping God blesses our endeavours which would destroy us. Well, the good news is that he doesn’t… I’m not sure he created you just to give you what would destroy you. Remember I told you that you are alive because there is a residue of God in you…think of it as God keeping God in tact in you. I believe you need to go back...

GOD’sBondMan: 37 [GOD’S DESIGN]

It is GOD's Design that righteousness would win and sin would grow thin and thus kin of evil would meet its end and have no reason to forge ahead once it had been conquered and that conquest for heaven is salvation for man...

GOD’sBondMan: 36 [Revising Babel]

You cannot dig the feet of GOD to understand the eternity of GOD. You do not need the whole of GOD to see the weeding of GOD, to rake GOD or the wonder to see what makes GOD, GOD. You don't require a tower...


So while GOD speaks to you by everything, you should listen and respond by living. GOD would speak to you through silence, through absence, the pulse - without pause - in the rhythm of your beating heart, through space and boundless time, through hunger, skin and eyes that water the cheeks, through knees, bent or from stances, through anything and through everything.