Guard Your Art With Diligence

Continuing my Notes to Self on the art:

Guard your Art with Diligence
They want your art to reach people and places you, the artist, can’t and wouldn’t reach.

It – the art – has to speak languages you don’t even understand. It has to get to borderlines of war and peace; of oppression and equity. It has to criticize and it has to judge (judge not that you may not be judge? Well your art has been judged!). Your art has to think and make others think. Your art has to trouble the waters and it must not sink when it walks on said-waters. ‘Peace be still‘ will be for your art when you arrive so bring it and most importantly, your art has to be on its own. Be able to live in another house from you, talk differently, talk back at you when you write, play lawn tennis with you even if it’s just you against the wall (pun intended!). Your art must set you against the world. If it doesn’t do this they (check previous post)don’t believe you.

You art has to have a heart.

Your art must fall in love and love others just like it loves itself. Your art must be ready to follow you for sacrifice even when there is no ram in sight (yes! remember Abraham and Isaac?). Your art must walk by faith and not by sight. You must teach your art to pray, to believe; to trust; to own itself because when you are gone, it would be left alone to fight for itself. Your heart must love but it must love you and this is very difficult because your art is a teenager every other day.

Which brings you to the tough one.

Your art must not be raped by the wrong ideology.

In fact your art must keep it’s virginity till… Well forever because if your art becomes a mother of anarchy, wrong doctrine and false perception, the wrong perspective and all the bad secenerios of the world today, you are a bad Parent artist. So curb your art when it talks back at you but listen to your art when it is hungry. When it is angry, admit why and provide the answers why it shouldn’t. Your art is pious if you think it is and it is the best to see this too. On a second thought, your art should get pregnant at the right time. Good art brings good doctrine, wisdom and long life.

Your art has no gender but it is endangered.

Giant-Panda kind of endangered. Your art is not feminist, racist, Marxist masculinist, fascists and all that; you are! You are a bottle, your art is wine and ugly wine-shapes are because the bottles aren’t so beautiful. Not to state the actual scenerio. Your art is bitter because you are. Your art hurts people like knife piercing through the heart almost like a double-edged sword because you either are a swordsman or woman; that or you’ve been equally hurt. Your art is you but don’t try to be your art. It is dangerous.

To be continued

You need to Hug Jesus: A Comfort for Distress

Will it have been any different if I was born in the time of Jesus – well not in the same year so that I wouldn’t be killed by Herod but – in the generation of Jesus?

Would it have been any different if I attended one of his sermons personally or ate from the bread and fish he had multiplied to feed people? Would it have helped me believe if I witnessed a miracle of Jesus or if I saw Him crucified?

Wait a moment, would it have meant more if he had appeared to me within the 40days of his appearance? Would my hopes have been alive or would I have doubted, still?

During a recent reflection, I realised that the true manifestation of Faith in Jesus wouldn’t have been stronger if I experienced Jesus in person than it would be now if I actually just believe. (Before you argue, there were many who saw him and still didn’t believe). It turns out, I don’t need to be born in the time of Jesus to experience Him as real as he is.

Jesus didn’t visit the whole world but the whole world sure felt Him and feel Him till today. And thats aside having our calender after His earthly existence.


Believing in Jesus requires more than his physical presence – this would be great too – but holding on to His Word is as good as giving Jesus a big hug, a really big hug! And thats how you hug Jesus by holding onto His word. So, whenever we feel we need an evidence of Him being with us, let’s keep John 14: 16 – 20 in mind.

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also. At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.
                                                                                  – John 14:16‭-‬20 KJV

The evidence of Jesus and His faithfulness is found in the Holy Spirit, our comforter and master guide whose seeming absence means His presence. So today, when – not if – you are faced with the issues of the world, turn to Jesus in a prayer and the Holy spirit would guide you into all truth. Give Jesus a big hug and study a His word – found in the Bible – and listen to Him when – not if – He speaks and you would be strengthened; I assure you!

Now, go ahead, hug Jesus…😊


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Day12 – Peace Be Seen! 

 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James 3:18 KJV 

There is a tree of good things, good tidings, of a gospel grander than what humanity has ever owned, or owed. That tree grows because its seed is planted and that seed is planted because of a reward most craved of all things in existence. 

To live a life of righteousness or dwell in the confines of righteousness or reap from the seed of righteousness or sow it, we must be ready and willing to follow peace…with men and even with ourselves. 

Let peace ring, let peace reign, let it rain upon the soils of our bearing and being. Let us make peace, refine it, sell and buy peace and in peace. Let us not shred it in pieces or piss it off from our lives. 

To be righteous is to have peace. 

To have peace is to enlist with the sovereignty of the Prince of Peace: JESUS, and him Crucified. Accept Him and all He brings…now and for your forever. 

Let Peace be! 

Day8 – Questions to Answer Overcoming

​Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?  This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth.

1 John 5:5‭-‬6 KJV‬

The question is the answer. 

The overcomer of the world is the person who believes that Jesus is the Son of GOD. In believing so, the individual also believes that GOD sent His Son to the earth to die and resurrect and ascend the heavens in the bid to prepare a place for those who believe even without the urge to see.

This simple link is everything. Believing in Jesus, as son of GOD, gives you power to adopt salvation as a way of life and overcome the power of sin, which is the power of the world. Overcoming the power of the world…overcomer. 

It’s an honour to believe that Jesus didn’t only come with water to wash sin but blood to save thus the crucifixion. But it is the Holy Spirit who strengthens us in this truth that belief is connection and connection is the overcoming power. 


Day6 – Forgive OR FORGRIEVE

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Luke 23:34 KJV

The people who ordered JESUS’ death, they didn’t know they were killing an incarnate of their creator. Then again, they didn’t want to know. Yet, He, going through the pain – the most shameful of that time – decided to forgive. I wouldn’t lie to you, if I were JESUS, I would have called a legion, just a legion of angels, to show them who they were messing with. I guess I’m still like that but we are all works in progress through faith in Jesus. 

Forgiveness is trading hurt for love. 

In the real sense, its letting go of the hurt for love to set in.

 Jesus was wise…still is. He let off the hurt which grieving over their wrong-doing would cause him by choosing to love them. In other words, forgiveness makes you light and gives you light too. So instead of grieving over the hurt, no matter how deep, learn to heal by forgiving. Jesus did it, still does it with us. 

Imagine Jesus doesnt forgive us (lets not go there). The devil has accused us on several occassions but thank God its forgiveness that always comes up as the verdict. YOU ARE HEREBY SENTENCED TO FORGIVENESS. THANK YOU JESUS. Be like Jesus, forgive! 

Jesus: Before God and Man V

…and not a man asking to be baptized. Nevertheless, God’s wisdom is foolishness to man. In fact, the means by which our understanding is made simple into shame.

But this spirit of truth guided Jesus into the wilderness a treacherous abode of the lost and forgotten. And JESUS fasted in spirit and flesh and was afterwards hungry. Famished beyond human constraints. In that want to make the man in his unity weak and wounded. Yet by the stripe of comfort in the mission ahead, he was healed. The tempter was late…at a dead end and wrong. 

Turn your abilities to a success story

He hoped to dissuade the ultimate goal by bread but bred in God as Jesus was the filling in the words of Power and strength. 

This man shall not live by the physical need to succeed but by the approved instruction of God. Jesus was not willing to separate God from man, not here and not ever.

The tempter was patient, a skill he learnt from his creator (another day; another story). He asked yet again: 
Go into the high places and set down your peace. Become as the wind and dare God to be God…if He is God…
Jesus was the light to all understand who knew whence the tempter came and must go. You should never dare God or enqure if He is…to speculate the existence of God is to speculate the existence of self. Tempt not Your God, oh man. Again, God and man won a victory together.
The tempter was weary and with no time to wander. It seemed the more He tried, the more this trial ruled in favour of the union of God and man: Jesus. The tempter could not put asunder what Jesus had become. So he unveiled himself. Naked before Jesus, he showed the bliss of the world and all that was. The fraudster was willing to give all to have even more. 

Bow down and worship…

This bargain was a bar too high for him to gain. And as Joseph stood before Potiphar’s wife so too Jesus before the Tempter. 

How can i do this great wickedness against God and unto man. Be gone! Incomplete light:darkness.

Defeat is sore and being placed under the feet of God and man, Satan was rebuked and the devil left him to be in peace. The Prince of peace won, as always. Three temptation proved too little but the patent-right to humanity was bought back, the ministry to set free and make free was free to mount its wings. Angels descended to earth, not to war but to join in the peace-keeping force.


​And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2 KJV

Recognizing that the world is fickle and in itself shall it end, I resolve to yield allegiance unto God. Not just to the idea of God but the entirety of His being. Not just to the facial assertion but to the mental absorption. 

I surrender the past, the present and what will come into His hands. 

Doing so by the simple act of “non-conformity” to the world. Refuse to dance the dance of the world, the environment or my own flesh speaking in its wrongful tongue. I refuse to follow the standards of the world for fear of rejection.

I commit my soul to be a radiation, a step-down (transformer) of God’s nature and character by renewing my mind. 

Paul, by the Holy Spirit, was right. Upon the renewal of my mind is the judgement of that which is good for my destiny, acceptable to the order and nature of God and in line with His perfect Will for my life. Without the renewal of the mind, I become located outside the confines of the perfection of my creation. I disconnect myself without a quick-notice from the wealth of God’s presence. 

Therefore, the greatest means of salvation, the grandest revolution and restoration is by the renewal of the mind in Jesus who is the light and hope of eternal peace. 

To renew my mind-set towards him. To renew my mind’s settings tilted to Him. To renew my mind and set it to Him upon His Word, upon His testimony, His Love, His Grace and His Mercy. To live beyond the limits of the world is to live by the followership of Jesus. 

Jesus: Before God and Man IV

These Pharisees, well they apparently saw far enough, into the sky maybe. Waiting for the Messiah, the anointed one whose eminence would liberate them. Liberate them from the Romans, sadly, they needed to be liberated from themselves first. And John, was right. The man who smelt like wild honey and animal skin but spoke about cleansing from sins by baptism. He was right. They were an accursed generation. 

The truth was and is that the messiah was God. He was man too and before God and man He had been. A few had seen him: Simeon who stood before the gates of death waiting to behold him. The prophetess too, Anna, who proclaimed without minsing words. They had seen God in the flesh, the incorruptible quickening spirit who, like the first Adam, bore the creed of creating a new order. 

But to those who walk by sight and not by faith, those who see only as far as they can, there was no messiah, yet. As long as there were no angelic legions dropping from the sky like rain to destroy the reigns of the Caeser and his cohorts. No one expected the Messiah to be a peaceful person, let alone, the Prince of peace. Worst still from Nazareth, the first question was:

Where is this Nazareth we speak of?

Anyway, this Carpenter was now a preacher who loved the fifth book of the Torah. No telling what to expect; he seemingly didn’t stand out much except for the counternance of peace and the wisdom from heaven to earth. 

And when John, the Baptist, beheld God wearing the skin of man, he proclaimed and prophecied about the one who would take away all sin, well the power of it at first glance. Within him he struggled: who was he to emmence the Christ for repentance.

Sir, i am not worthy. Not even to touch your shoe-lace or walk in your shadow.

But you see, “righteousness is righteousness is righteousness”. No law was broken, no border trespassed. And him in the glory of all the heaven, died in the waters of Jordan, further taking hold of the flesh and the nature of the fallen. In his resurrection, heaven witnessed and an envoy of the most holy spirit rested on Jesus as a declaration to clear all doubts. 

Behold men, God walks among you

This love to associate with sins and create a bond to save those in dire need of being saved. These Pharisees speculated, could this be or be this could? Their resolve was certain: the Messiah is a warrior to save…

Jesus: Before God and Man IIl

God and man paid together. And this union could not have been broken by a foil.

12 years a carpenter and Jesus wore this veil. Finding grace before God and man was the blood running through his veil…vein.

Becoming familiar with the temple reawakened the mission in a bit. He spoke to elders as an elder; never had they seen wisdom in the purest of its form. Could this have been Moses himself who held the commandments as tablets of stones? No thank you.

His parents misplaced him for 3 days and like a foresight of the future which he was to endure, he went about his father’s business. Joseph was reminded:

This child is not your own.

But Jesus studied, studied man and studied of God too. The Torah was a guide but the HolySpirit was the guide. From a town best kept in “nowhere” he fortified himself for 30 years as a Nazarene prepared to wear the crown of persecution to create a path into the light of salvation.