Finding GOD

If a human only loves when it suits them then it's no longer love. If there is a condition attached to doing what is right, then such righteousness is wrong. If we place a template for GOD to fill before we love HIM and obey him, then we set our hearts for judgement.

The Plan of GOD

Sometimes, GOD comes as a baby – and I mean this in the most literal sense possible – appearing helpless to see what we know and can show about love. Sometimes, God comes as a broken phone screen or a wounded bird or a dying soldier, an eclipse of answers…

Translation II

It came as raw as it was and it was that the only reason why man is weak to do as man knows and man is bleak in the things of hope by the power of self is because man is in dire need of a saviour.


I know that the devil knows GOD's Word and by the Word of GOD, the devil knows who’s the ward of GOD.

In Strife by Progress

For GOD'sBondMan, on the journey of progress, there would be strife and envy and jealousy. For the sake of the course of being sold out to the Purpose, Will and Identity of GOD, in a world of distrust for the same GOD, GOD'sBondMan would suffer shame, shaming, reproach, failure, sublime disappointment and it would be … Continue reading In Strife by Progress

How Can Man Be At Peace?

The man is not, always, at peace when he, alone, is blameless and is endowed with the understanding of the universe while their sister and brother wander in the fortress of confusion and are depressed by this or are frustrated in this or grow violent to seek peace in this.

How does Man despise GOD? 3

It’s only fair if we all have our court advantage. Man must meet GOD in the form of spirit just as GOD met man in the form of flesh.

How does Man despise GOD? 2

the perfect GOD created man in the image of perfection but perfection comes with its responsibility just as freedom comes with the laws to keep freedom in its ideal nature. If you broke the law, you lose your freedom, and if you neglect their responsibility that leads to perfection, you stop being perfect.

How Does a Man beg for Forgiveness?

Can sin(ners) be stopped? Or can they be healed by being loved?