The Tongue: Dominion over Companion

The truth is the tongue represents our desires and our inner-makeup to life so if we cannot control our desires and the words which we live by, then we have not attained true liberation. If there is evil in the world today, even after salvation, it is by the work of the tongue. James calls it an "unruly evil".


The consequences of these awful beginnings always lead to the victim-syndrome. For example between humans and GOD, the victim-syndrome insists that GOD is wicked to allow the wickedness of humanity evolve. If there is no irony in the free will-request for free-will to cease to exist, I don't know what is. So this is where we began and after this, the defect of wickedness in (hu)man erupted as high as the sky.

The Virtues and Vices of Polygamy

Another point is that with polygamy comes the need to constantly judge – not just character but the array of choices. You'll need to know good and evil, good from evil and it goes on and on. Every contact has two sides…you need to decide on which is which. That’s the true conflict and it’s all happening inside you, first.