“GOD demands A lot of Value”

When JESUS says we ought to love the LORD with all our mind, we are to love GOD with the consciousness of our life. We are to love GOD with the control of our lives. We are to love GOD with the drive of our lives, our motivation, our inspiration, our command of life. What we take charge of, our decisions, and what we set out to do should reflect the love we have for GOD.


BOND 288 Q: I would like you to quickly and briefly address what you presume to be the greatest error of humanity. A: The greatest? I don't think I can readily do that without creating more avenues for errors in the hearts of people. Q: Why so? Even with all the bonds you’ve shared? A: … Continue reading THE GREATEST ERROR OF HUMANITY

There is war 4

There is no peace without war. Salvation is war. There is no victory without war, redemption is war. There is no course without war – sometimes, the course is the war and the war is the cause of itself. Hope is war. There is no fulfilment without war. Belief is war. There is no completion without war. Faith is war; there is a war of faith for faith.

What “Freedom By GOD” means

For Moses, it was getting the children of Israel free from Egypt; for you it is setting your heart free from thoughts of oppression; for me it could as well be letting go of the imaginations of suppression and aggression to the peace of GOD. In all cases, GOD Is in the business of liberation. From bond of hell to bond of heaven. From hard labour of strange life to the labour of ordained life.