I'll teach them that YHWH knows everything including where they hide the biscuits in the house, the thoughts they hope they could forget and the secret desires.


You can text YHWH in your toilet when you are weeping and need not that anyone see your tears. You can whisper to YHWH, it would be heard as loudly as when you shout.


For YHWH is not a man or woman and YHWH is not bound by gender. YHWH eats not nor doth YHWH require you to be. Now, YHWH could be a donkey to the farmer and a voice to the singer but “YHWH is...”


Whose whispers made the wind and whose blisters the earth? Whose vein is the roots of all trees and whose eyes are the sight of light? Who dances and there is creation? Who sings and there is cohesion?

Trick Track Foe

The trick is that many do not know that the track is not always fast. They look at another runner in another lane of the track and believe that they too should run quickly.

Beware the heed of the Lie!

Beware the thorn that scotches and scratches belief in hopes that the leafs of your trust would fade away in fret. Beware the fret from the heed of the lie.

No Shame by Olatunde OBAFEMI 

But I was destroyed until HE recreated me. Created a new creation: Me. Thus, in HIS Image, he forged me; in HIS Likeness HE purged me and emptied me of me until there was no me but just HIM. 

OpenDiary: Creation

Day one: There is God - the GOD - and He is mindful of all things great and small.


There is so much colour in black and white/ There is so much silence in how the tide sings/ There is a solemn motion in still pictures/ But one thing is true among the lies we tell