In Strife by Progress

For GOD'sBondMan, on the journey of progress, there would be strife and envy and jealousy. For the sake of the course of being sold out to the Purpose, Will and Identity of GOD, in a world of distrust for the same GOD, GOD'sBondMan would suffer shame, shaming, reproach, failure, sublime disappointment and it would be … Continue reading In Strife by Progress

How Can Man Be At Peace?

The man is not, always, at peace when he, alone, is blameless and is endowed with the understanding of the universe while their sister and brother wander in the fortress of confusion and are depressed by this or are frustrated in this or grow violent to seek peace in this.

The Seed OFF Peace

But can GOD be hurt? Can GOD bleed? Can GOD weep in pain, can GOD reap in strain? Can GOD be hurt, flesh-broken and crown, a thorn?

GOD’sBondMan: Five [Order]

And light, being the breath of GOD is the life of the bondman of GOD’s; therefore, the absence of this light is the presence of death by separation and destruction. This light is fueled by order: the sequence of that which is right and rightly done.

Day 19 – Confession

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16 KJV The healing of the brethren is closely relative to the confession of faults among ourselves. Living peaceably heals our wounds. Further to confession and forgiveness is … Continue reading Day 19 – Confession

Day14 – GOOD-EVIL 

Follow peace with all (wo)men. Be good and mean it, think it and say it. Be it! Don't harbour evil within and cloth it with good. Guess what, its still evil...

Day12 – Peace Be Seen! 

Let peace ring, let peace reign, let it rain upon the soils of our bearing and being. Let us make peace, refine it, sell and buy peace and in peace...

Jesus: Before God and Man V

Famished beyond human constraints. In that want to make the man in his unity weak and wounded. Yet by the stripe of comfort in the mission ahead, he was healed. The tempter was a dead end and wrong...


Recognizing that the world is fickle and in itself shall it end, I resolve to yield allegiance unto God. Not just to the idea of God but the entirety of His being. Not just to the facial assertion but to the mental absorption.