To the shape of GOD

To all the shapes and sizes of GOD made in HIS image To all evil, vile as a veil separating us from GOD To GOD calling our switched off hearts and to voicemail prayer-lines. To all the unknown sins that GOD must forgive us for not knowing To knowing everything because GOD made sure of that To all the times we've grieved GOD By lowering the volume of HIS voice in us To all the mistakes we've made tying to edit the stories of us which GOD HAS written To all the plot-twists of our lives that GOD laughs over

Digression #5 – Purity

...but purity - not to be solely determined by the absence of obvious sexual looseness - is that which is tied to the high discipline of resolving in mind, spirit and body not to oppose the truth-state and order of sanctification. It involves both knowledge and reason which separate good deeds from expedient creeds and … Continue reading Digression #5 – Purity