POEM: FOR THOSE PEOPLE by Olatunde Obafemi


No Puppies were hurt in the writing of this poem.


This is for all the untold tales

stuck on the wrong trails.

It is for the unsold sales

dumped with the label “fail”.


This is for the judgments with the wrong scales;

The thoughts, shipped with the worst sails.

It is also for those who bail

out of the right things or cut the wrong puppy’s tail




This is for the “hammers and the nails”

Who cannot do without each other.

It is for the conquering and the pain with the wails

or simply for the wrong line with no rhyme-partner.


The point is, this poem is for those people

who run away from succeeding

by running on the wrong track. Who double

their paces into hell in the name of ‘living’.


This poem doesn’t mock you.

It hopefully points you to the undone

like the untold tales or the sacrifices we burn

on the altars of skipping what we need to do.


If this poem hasn’t said it already,

it was written for those who the world doesn’t know;

Who wouldn’t be known because they are never steady

on the right pathway; so their greatness is quite slow.



photo credit: Telegraph

THE WATER FROM THE FIRMAMENT by Nwachukwu Olusegun Nwachukwu

Who has angered the heavens

That they should expectorate vehemently upon us?

Who has pinched off the skin of the sky

That it should bleed cats and dogs?

The garment of the welkin

Drains its water, as it is squeezed mercilessly,

Upon us;

The tears of the clouds

Poke our flesh like slanting swords,

Gluing our robes to our skins.

Who has angered the heavens

That they should expectorate vehemently upon us?

Who has pinched off the skin of the sky?

For its blood shall not clot anytime soon;

It will flood and forcefully flow away

Life and lifeless things…

This garment of the welkin

Drains its water – that turns our aluminum sheets to Bata

Upon us,

And we dance to its rhythm:

Cold and cough-related conditions.

*Batá – a double-headed drum shaped like an hourglass with one cone larger than the other. The percussion instrument is used primarily by the Yoruba tribe.

Nwachukwu Olusegun Nwachukwu, 17, is a Nigerian gospel writer whose works border around God, nature and amenities. His works have been published in Nigerian NewsDirect newspapers, Kalamu Review Magazine, and so on. Read his blog today – reformednation.blogspot.com.ng.