#3 Torn Paper : Beauty

Sometimes, I'm persuaded that the definition of "ugly" or "beautiful" are subject to standards beyond our humanity...

#2 Torn Paper

For love is the offspring of trust. The bond that is thrust - upon whom is loved - is the ideal affection. I love because I have trust. For love entails sharing portions of your being with another.

#1 Torn Paper

Brokenness is the path to the less of it, a journey through which only those who are willing to accept the truth can 'become'.

You Are by Olatunde Obafemi and Hillary Antibelle

You're the sun in my night Always make my day come to light You are the rainbow if I'm blind (You're) so colourful in my mind


There is so much colour in black and white/ There is so much silence in how the tide sings/ There is a solemn motion in still pictures/ But one thing is true among the lies we tell


Poetry would rebel When death sleeps its eternal sleep; and dreams come true

Domestic Violence by Wale Ibiyemi

Posted as received.   Mother is limping; a guerdon Of her encounter with Bash Ali, Our father; the embattled one. All lizards lie on their stomachs; We don't know which one Has stomachache. We are men, we are strong Let us beat our wives to prove it! Mon amour, my heartbeat How dare you talk … Continue reading Domestic Violence by Wale Ibiyemi


You! Who whispers soft words to me at night and leaves me in the morning You! Who I pay to bath You! Who makes me clap to your performance You! Who I live to kill You! Who kills to live


Have you not seen those children Who spit at the body Of their mother nude upon the streets Which they built with her blood Decorating the boulevards With her widdering hair and Her lips, soiled with curses Bleeding away. Have you not seen those children Who glory in the under garments Of their mother Whose … Continue reading BLEEDING