Jacob’s Vow

If I go and you give me breath, you would be the air I breathe or nothing at all. If I go and you provide for me, I would provide a place for your dwelling – a house without walls made by man for man. If I go and you go with me, I would go with you wherever you go.

I Do Not Know.

I do not know how the bones of my flesh were formed and who it was that taught me how to breathe. I do not know who taught my eyes to see and protect themselves as quickly as they are attacked.


I know that the devil knows GOD's Word and by the Word of GOD, the devil knows who’s the ward of GOD.

How Does a Man beg for Forgiveness?

Can sin(ners) be stopped? Or can they be healed by being loved?

“Here I am”

Because GOD is in the future living in the present and aware of the past, it is only by faith that man can communicate with GOD. To see what would happen even though there is no trait of it

GOD’sBondMan: 38 [OKAY]

Most times we wander away from where we should be, hoping God blesses our endeavours which would destroy us. Well, the good news is that he doesn’t… I’m not sure he created you just to give you what would destroy you. Remember I told you that you are alive because there is a residue of God in you…think of it as God keeping God in tact in you. I believe you need to go back...

GOD’sBondMan: 34 [COMFORT]

It is by grace that we are aware of the race and it is by the knowledge of the place of God that we can Finish Our journey to trace the footsteps back to the life of peace. It is not by the power of boasting or upsurping that we overcome, it is by the testimony of the nature of God which we follow and the divine grace to do so, without weavering in doubt.


We were born in a time when our one problem was having so much to decide from. It also means we got to know a lot was wrong and it was a song which was sung for so long, I bet you that you still remember the sound of morality before every deed and this is coupled with the promise of the Creator to write the law in our hearts. The moral code is painted on the walls of our judgment and mind; so yes, most of our sins are very much consciously committed


GOD would not strive with flesh that is desperate and wicked and in conscious desire to be alienated from HIS Will. GOD would not strive with us if we choose to be silent when HE calls; if we hide from HIS voice and run from HIS footsteps and drive HIS essence away and push HIS thoughts “to decay”. If we denounce GOD when we are given the chance to accept HIM, GOD would not strive.