A Kind of Prayer

In dire occasions of need, sometimes, the prayer you need to pray is to make a decision that would prove your loyalty to what is right, true and just as well as to who is right, true and just. In those moments, when said-decision is made, you are not just building your human-will to stand as a wall or protection against vice(s): you are taking a stand, you are becoming defined, you are letting God know that you would stay true to His Will and plan for your life. This prayer – decision unto obedience – will be answered and not just heard.

  • Olatunde OBAFEMI





​How is PRAY-ER?

Prayer is singular. It’s single and not ready to mingle with the other phonemes of social standard. Prayer: with eyes shut to the world or eyes open to God’s Word. Pray: in the lowest of your humanity, when there is weakness, when all you have is nothing: You. 

How to pray? How to catch a prey or how to be a prey(all inclusive)?

Pray with sealed lips; those bearing the seal of ‘surrenderness’ and obedience. The goal of Prayer is to have no goal but be in the gaol of His presence. Prayer is the warden in God’s word, the platter filled of Heaven’s banter; with extra-toppings of God’s glory. Prayer is how you speak when the universe is listening and when knees are bent, straightened and heads bowed or bowed with arrows of gladness. Prayer, how far? Farther than a feather can go; quite light even though it carries burdens. Prayer is the cross; sacrificial and obedient, unified with gore and gloss, later. Prayer is how you die while living; cup: taking the items of a bucket list you neither want but can’t refuse – Gethsemene. Prayer is a perfect will when the soul submits. Prayer is finite in infinite ways.


​Where should Preyer be?

Preyer should never be: Not in a location or a vocation. But prayer should be where the air is, alone. Prayer shouldn’t be pop-culture, an artifact of religion or the map for the criteria of godliness. The truth is, prayer… is godliness. Prayer is the motion from an  unanswered mandate to an onanswered one. Prayer is the boundary between the good deeds and the good dues; where we Pray must have God, call God, be for God, be God’s. Prayer must be in the heart first, not as a test of the immortal’s faithfulness but a revelation of holiness. Prayer is where intentions are; not the actions yet…prayer locates the Prayer (supplicant) for not all know how to pray; no one knows how to pray, we are taught how to pray at the moment when we pray. The Prayer (supplicant) should be unaware of the environment. Where we pray, there is no prey. Prayer doesn’t stay where the corrupt lie comfortably. So if there should be prayer, there should be silence; silence to our desires, our needs and our images. Prayer should be where the answerer wishes, at His Mercy, in His Will and more than unusual, in our hearts which we should thread into His – God’s.



    What is Prayer? Simple question: Prayer is hot but recently, its gone cold, buried (not because it doesn’t happen but it doesn’t occur the way it should). The first step to miss the value of prayer is to communize its essence: Adulterate its potency, subjugate its purpose to a self -designed intention. Prayer is not a prey, yeah? Neither should it be a predator of some sort; but it should plead more than it pleases. Prayer is an institution, a covenant, a mark of belief and the result of a faith. Prayer is how you mock the natural limits by perching on the Divine WILL. Prayer is everywhere: In breathing, in walking, in speaking and in the split moments of understanding how birds fly or fishes swim. However, prayer is personal; it is a frequency, a radio to a concept greater than the Prayer (the supplicant). Nonetheless, prayer is the person; by simply living the acts of one’s prayer. Prayer has no limit except to the truth of it. What is Prayer again? Prayer is not just how we communicate with Divinity or higher humanity but how we live…prayer is life.