The Reality of Absurdity: praise for Nudity (An interview) 2

what was the implication of that? Was it seduction? Was it for the purpose of sexual intoxication? Was it for go and human glorification? Did JESUS do that to be acclaimed beautiful? Did HE affirm beautification from nudity? The concept of nudity at crucifixion - with specific emphasis on garment, being cast lots upon, was to fulfil prophecy (Psalms 22:18).


JESUS ends with the purpose of salvation because that's where we should begin. If you ever want to know where to start in obedience to GOD, begin where JESUS ended on Earth. It was to leave fresh in our memories the most important things to deal with: preach salvation by GOD to everyone (Mark 16:15), all who believe, would denounce fellowship with the world and follow GOD and those who follow GOD would not be condemned to an eternity of nothingness (Mark 16:16), and there would be signs to validate the words of salvation so that those who couldn't believe at testimony would believe at the abundant feats which are extraordinary (Mark 16:17 & 18).