“Where are you?”

We've all been there...here...wherever you are; listening to this or reading this. We've all ran away, curled into our shells in hopes of self-preservation as the nearest form of salvation. We've all left where we were or where we were kept; we've all been displaced, dislocated (not by bone alone but away from joy or the magnitude of peace). We've all been distant from GOD and it’s always by our own making.

Preparing for the Messiah: Prophets, Prophecies and the Portrait

The role of the prophets were: to keep the hope for the Messiah alive; ensure that the sculpting by the law was in effect; and warned against leaving GOD which is the greatest evil to be committed. Yet the duties of the prophet are beyond this list but the emphasis of this bond is the role of the prophet to give a description narrative of/to the Messiah.