How Life Can Die

Take the bullets from a gun. Empty the barrel of sweet wine. Pull the plug of the television or better still change the frequency to one without a channel or clear signal. The gun is still a gun even without bullets; the barrel remains a barrel even without wine: bitter or sweet; and the television is on, quite alright, but you and I know that if it continues to show the blank screen (though switched on), it is of no use. That's what I mean.

Peculiar, a Letter

So why do I write, this, anyway? Simple. To state what I know. Knowing fully well that what I know would lead me to what I don’t know. Either by conscious knowledge or revelation by what is absent but shouldn’t. Invariably, I know that I don’t know something, actually many things. But this knowledge of no- knowledge is good knowledge to humble me, to make me better, I know for sure.