Sir, I feel More Undeserving

Sir, I am daily more undeserving…I…at least...I feel that way, I live so, too. No…it is not my misled way of looking down on salvation. On the contrary…I presume it is because I take the gospel and it's saving so highly that my flesh suffers its due reproach. Yes...I think all men and women are … Continue reading Sir, I feel More Undeserving

The DIY Method of Killing GOD 2

In the faulty Understanding stage, there is always a lack of context or worse, the absence of (appropriate) content. In this stage, often times, the Christian doesn't necessarily have an answer of faith for a query of doubt. In some cases, this is so because said-Christian is secretly in doubt and innately in denial of the faith as well.

How Life Can Die

Take the bullets from a gun. Empty the barrel of sweet wine. Pull the plug of the television or better still change the frequency to one without a channel or clear signal. The gun is still a gun even without bullets; the barrel remains a barrel even without wine: bitter or sweet; and the television is on, quite alright, but you and I know that if it continues to show the blank screen (though switched on), it is of no use. That's what I mean.