GOD’sBondMan: Eleven [Questioning Bondage, once more]

BOND TWELVE How can bondage end? You know what? It would never end; perhaps, like matter it would change its state but it would never end - that is a principle. For GOD’sBondMan, the issue is not to be in bondage or be rid of(f) it but the contest lies on “to whom…” is one … Continue reading GOD’sBondMan: Eleven [Questioning Bondage, once more]

GOD’sBondMan: Eleven [Questioning Bondage]

Bondage is knowledge even if it appears to be the absence of it. It is…knowing the truth but not living by it; it is beholding truth face-to-face but telling THE LIE. Even a master, over slaves, can be in bondage of freedom. Mate, if freedom burns you up like fire burns wood in sacrifice, you are in bondage.

#8 Torn Paper – Hatred

For to hate is to die: to disconnect from the source of all existence because by love you were brought forth and by loving,  you are bought: a fort unto upholding that which is true.

Digression #3: Truth

In the end, what is true is few; what is saddled with clue is blue.

#5 Torn Paper: Truth

Truth is a living being, a quickening spirit, a dimension of the universe, the Voice of God. And truth cannot be quenched, nor stopped nor cropped off or questioned to silence.

Beware the heed of the Lie!

Beware the thorn that scotches and scratches belief in hopes that the leafs of your trust would fade away in fret. Beware the fret from the heed of the lie.

Guard Your Art With Diligence

Your art is not feminist, racist, Marxist masculinist, fascists and all that; you are! You are a bottle, your art is wine and ugly wine-shapes are because the bottles aren't so beautiful.

HE-LOVES-ME by Olatunde Obafemi 

I bruised the heads of a hydra, even the snake which wielded the most abominable thing: sin. By HIS stripes I was healed but as HIS scribe my joy was sealed. 

Day14 – GOOD-EVIL 

Follow peace with all (wo)men. Be good and mean it, think it and say it. Be it! Don't harbour evil within and cloth it with good. Guess what, its still evil...