I Do Not Know.

I do not know how the bones of my flesh were formed and who it was that taught me how to breathe. I do not know who taught my eyes to see and protect themselves as quickly as they are attacked.

How Can Man Be At Peace?

The man is not, always, at peace when he, alone, is blameless and is endowed with the understanding of the universe while their sister and brother wander in the fortress of confusion and are depressed by this or are frustrated in this or grow violent to seek peace in this.

“I Will Bless You”

GOD would bless in the time of blessings and multiply in the time of multiplication such that the one who obeyed GOD is a pillar to the world and an emblem of help for nations even the nations to come.

Shaking the Bush

It might have seemed as though GOD was without consistent love to give you joy and ask that you offer it back, to give you life and freedom in salvation only to ask that you revert it to HIS prerogative, but even GOD is aware of this dilemma and GOD is in the struggling bush, in the struggle of your bush and in the wilderness of your hustle.

“GOD would provide”

In those moments where the instruction of GOD looks as one which requires completion, fire, wood, altar But not one substance to offer, GOD would provide.

“Here I am”

Because GOD is in the future living in the present and aware of the past, it is only by faith that man can communicate with GOD. To see what would happen even though there is no trait of it

GOD’sBondMan: Four [Thought]

For GOD prays not out of request (or debase divinity) but to command into being that which was nothing and void and formless. That ageless mechanism to converse with the uncreated until it is created, is the prayer which GOD prays.

#10 Torn Paper: Love

By love,  GOD, created you,  by love, GOD sanctified you,  by love GOD guards you and guides you; by Love,  GOD breathes upon you a newness of life. By love is life. It is by love that you commune with God.

#9 Torn Paper: Colour

Every shade is a secret keeper. Every shadow is a wounded thought waiting to be healed,  every patch of light is sight.  If I am a blurred image,  I am hiding,  if I am a bold image,  I am brooding.