#3 Torn Paper : Beauty

Sometimes, I'm persuaded that the definition of "ugly" or "beautiful" are subject to standards beyond our humanity...

#2 Torn Paper

For love is the offspring of trust. The bond that is thrust - upon whom is loved - is the ideal affection. I love because I have trust. For love entails sharing portions of your being with another.

#1 Torn Paper

Brokenness is the path to the less of it, a journey through which only those who are willing to accept the truth can 'become'.

“All Writers are Ugly” by Olatunde Obafemi 

I repeat, I think it's time for writers to show the other side, ugly or uglier. We should be mortal sometimes, affectionate; show that things actually affect us just like they do to everyone. Writers are men....


Our alliance(s) in life is a choice. Our temptations are as a result of our alliance(s)...

​The Writer, the Righter and the Rite of writing IV

The writer is in the future lost in the past which is the present...

​The Writer, the Righter and the Rite of writing III

The writer emerged from where weary hearts were strengthened. The writer is from the future, from the past but has passed the present time.

​The Writer, the Righter and the Rite of writing II

The writer is wrong, a two-faced mirror which pleases all but self. They are servants and quite frankly no writer can truly rule without relinquishing the curse of writing, I mean the course. 

​The writer, the Righter and the Rite of writing

The writer has a goal or goals but has a score of problems. From addictions with perfect diction to obsession with obscene natures, the writer tries to be human but sometimes, fails to answer the question: who is (wo)man?