#3 Torn Paper : Beauty

Sometimes, I'm persuaded that the definition of "ugly" or "beautiful" are subject to standards beyond our humanity...

#2 Torn Paper

For love is the offspring of trust. The bond that is thrust - upon whom is loved - is the ideal affection. I love because I have trust. For love entails sharing portions of your being with another.

#1 Torn Paper

Brokenness is the path to the less of it, a journey through which only those who are willing to accept the truth can 'become'.

Guard Your Art With Diligence

Your art is not feminist, racist, Marxist masculinist, fascists and all that; you are! You are a bottle, your art is wine and ugly wine-shapes are because the bottles aren't so beautiful.

This Art is not Yours I

We make art - not for ourselves, alone but - for others. And this "others" are people who wait for us in out dreams,  when we are awake, in th  darkness and and even in the market. Feature Art by Nathan Pieterse


Have you not seen those children Who spit at the body Of their mother nude upon the streets Which they built with her blood Decorating the boulevards With her widdering hair and Her lips, soiled with curses Bleeding away. Have you not seen those children Who glory in the under garments Of their mother Whose … Continue reading BLEEDING

Gateway to Heaven

...but this is not the gateway to heaven not this memory-sprout and fruited-nostalgia or is it all just a beautiful game coming and going through these worlds recollecting sometimes that we lived before the universe was spat from the mouth of the creator   This is not the gateway to heaven: waiting for the good … Continue reading Gateway to Heaven

Dear Dad #1

  Dear dad, It's clear that my mind is as cloudy as when it's about to rain; but I'm scared of even admitting that. I know I'm at fault; I'm always at fault. I want to do it all myself, but then again I wish I could. I know you have thrilling expectations for me, … Continue reading Dear Dad #1